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If I can do it...
...So can You!

Clair Chinery - Director (A-FH)
I became a personal trainer for one reason - I wanted to take control of my life. I was fed up of staring at that skinny girl walking down the street and thinking "god why can't I have legs like her?!" or "why is she skinny and I'm not?!" I was a size 14 and for someone of only 5' 1" in height - that's not a very pretty sight!

I started exercising after another A-FH trainer, Rob, decided he was going to start his workouts again (after putting on a fair amount of weight himself). He saw how unhappy I was and gave me some advice - With that, I decided it was time to change!

I started doing exercises in my spare room with some exercises Rob gave me and others found on the internet. They worked, but after a bit I hit platteaus where I just couldn't shift any more weight. I needed better results, but there were no satisfactory ways of getting the results I wanted. Gyms were not for me, personal trainers spouted a lot of hot air without actually seeing it from the other side of the fence, friends and family didn't understand my position so I was stuck in a rutt... That's when Rob and I decided to start A-Firmative Health.

Everything we learned from the Personal Training courses we tried out on ourselves. The knowledge we gathered has helped me achieve more from my work outs than ever before.

There were lows as well as highs, but with our new found knowledge and personal experiences we could see how to overcome the lows and believe it or not - progress just snowballed! In February 2005 I hit my 8 stone target and size 8 and have I've maintaned it ever since. So, as I say - if I can do it so can You!! If not, then A-Firmative trainers CAN help you! We speak from experience.