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To get you on your way to a long a fruitful life together after the wedding has finished, after the honeymoon has been and gone and life is back to a certain normality, your personal trainer will sit down with you (and your husband or wife), to work out a joint program that suits both of you. It gives you the opportunity to ask any questions regarding future progressions to your routines.

Re-assessment of Goals In order to give you a good start to your new life of exercise (let alone marriage), you need to define new goals and begin to start working towards your next challenge. Reassessing these will not only give you a motivational 'buzz' but also give you clear direction on the road to healthy lifestyles.

Routine Progression By the end of your wedding package you will have reached the peak of your routine. In order to get as much out of your exercise routines as is possible this routine will need to be progressed so that you continue to make the desired gains.

Q & A Session The chance for you to get answers to any of questions you may have on the road to exercise. With helpful hints and tips to making your routines easier to manage, you'll be sure to start on the right foot and continue to see the gains you have gotten used to.

On-going Support And last, but not least - a designated support email address will be provided to you for you to pose any questions you have about health and fitness further down the line. This is a free on-going support service that you will find invaluable when coming up to the hurdles surrounding exercise.
To find out more about the Wedding Package - simply call us on 0845 003 7446 or E-Mail us at weddings@a-firmative.co.uk