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If you have ever taken up exercise for a prolonged period of time you will know that you get a 'bug'. The 'bug' to do more exercise - the stronger you get the more you want to do it, to the point that guilt kicks in if you miss a session. At this point your goals change...

Acquiring the perfect body is not as far fetched as others might say!

Believe it or not - the more exercise you do, the greater the improvements you make. Building your metabolism will increase the gains you get (even outside of doing exercise).

Lastly, the earlier you start exercising - the sooner you will get your perfect body. Exercising for a minimum of twice a week will get you a good physique within a reasonable amount of time. This can be speeded up by more times a week, but twice is a managable amount.

A well balanced healthy diet can speed these times up even more.

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