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In order to make your training services as effective as possible - our policy is to provide a female personal trainer. This should help put you at ease during a time when you need to be focused and without worry, as well as give you a good bonding experience involving exercise.

As well as the psychological benefits, a female personal trainer will inevitably have a greater insight in to your personal situation and understand your goals and hurdles a lot better.
Each and every personal trainer we employ has prior experience
in drastically improving their health and fitness levels.


To improve the progress of your training sessions we provide you with a male personal trainer. This has several benefits including the fact that you will be able to take direction easier from someone who has the same personal training goals as yourself
(not all of our female personal trainers like to 'bulk up'!).

In addition, as your personal trainer will have breeched through the same barriers that you are going to come up against, they will have a unique insight to how you will be feeling.

To speak to someone about personal training, simply call us on 0845 003 7446 or E-Mail us at pt@a-firmative.co.uk