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1. Motivation - Motivation is key to achieving goals - Without motivation most people never get up from the sofa. Having someone with you every step of the way makes the whole journey more enjoyable and worthwhile.

2. Support - Having motivation is one thing, but if you don't know what you're doing having all the motivation in the world won't help when no results start to dampen your enthusiasm. Someone guiding you can give you those results.

3. Monitoring - through the means of fitness testing you can see how well you are progressing. Its also a way of seeing which areas of your workout need 'tweaking' to make further progression.

4. Safety - Knowing how to perform exercises safely reduces any risk of damaging your body - This is particularly true where posture is concerned. Not safeguarding against these risks can (and often do) lead to long term injuries.

5. Specificity - Each client has differing wants and needs - each goal is entirely unique. With the right expertise supporting you, you can adopt a routine that specifically focuses on what you want.

6. Nutrition - Advice and guidance on the nutritional side is always a good way to improve the productivity of each training session. Having the right amount of fuel to power the body can only improve the gains you receive.

7. Guarantee - Without a personal trainer you may find achieving your goals to be a long struggle that can end up being a bigger risk that you initially expected. Personal training can reduce those risks and give you the peace of mind that things will improve.

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