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First Time Try : Your first 4 sessions ("Standard Package") for 50% less than the original price.

We understand that personal training is a strange concept for people to grasp. We also know that it is a step lots of people are reluctant to take - not sure what happens in each session; how effective the sessions are compared with conventional means of exercise. Well, we (A-Firmative that is) have come up with a "First Time Try" discount that gives you the ability to try our services at 50% less than the standard price for the first 4 sessions.

That works out to be only 22.50 per session! (4 sessions for the price of 2!)

With this kind of discount you'll get the best chance possible to appreciate just how effective a personal trainer can be, without having to risk a small fortune.

How can we put on such a big discount? ...We're so confident that you will see so much improvement that you'll want to come back for another 4 sessions! Our clients are never disappointed - we make sure of that!

At which point, what would you do? ...Carry on smoking, or put the money to good use?
...Still have those 'over-indulgent' eating habits, or invest in yourself for a change?

It's your choice - all we are doing is giving you the opportunity to make it.

Experience the "First Time Try" and simply call us on 0845 003 7446 or E-Mail us at pt@a-firmative.co.uk