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Reasons for Exercise > Quality Time with your Family

Kids love climbing frames! They have so much energy to burn that keeping them occupied is hardly an easy task. That's where exercise comes in. Making exercise a group activity, one for the whole family changes the concept of exercise from something you 'have' to do in to something you 'want' to do. Involve everyone and get in to a habbit of a healthy living and at the same time making it fun!

At the end of the day, when your energy levels increase and your strength grows, you never know - you may even become a substitute to a climbing frame!! How could a television substitute for that kind of interraction?

Exercise brings with it a longer, healthier life that can give you even more quality time with your family - not less. Another point to this is having the energy to sustain a 'half-hour muck-about with the kids' will burn even more calories!!

So, for your family's sake - start exercising regularly!

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